Thursday, November 27, 2008

research: Lesley Halliwell

So Minacha mentioned to me today, in passing, someone called Lesley Halliwell.
So just now I thought I'd casually check her out, not thinking it would be a big deal.
Minacha had mentioned her because I'd used a spirograph in something and said how Lesley Halliwell used them also and JESUS CHRIST.
I feel like I can never use a spirograph again, basically.

Here is another, goddamnit.

I think this all looks really nice, but it evokes a weird sense of dread in me for whatever reason.
Is she actually really famous, or what? Are people keeping big secrets from me?
Should life be easier than it seems????

Also I'm conscious that I'm just posting alot of trash on this blog and I'm going to try and post less, less and less.

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