Monday, November 3, 2008

Happiness of the garden variety

Here are some pieces I did today. Came into college especially since my computer is devolving, or something, and is barely able to save a file inside of five minutes.

These are for another story called Happiness of the Garden Variety about these two guys who accidentally allow a horse, named Buster, to eat these vegetables covered in some kind of toxic spray. The horse dies and they try to dump the body in the sea. It's funny and well written and it's just a great story.

I showed my work in progress to Gary P who very kindly spared some time and gave some instruction. He got me to take out the black horse illustrator shape and to mess around with the blue block at the bottom again. I knew the image needed some kind of horizon to ground it but couldn't make it work with those weird black lines from the top image.
Also Aquamarine is a colour mentioned many times in the story, hence its presence in this image.
That spirograph shape thing is taken (almost directly) from one of these old posters Ian was showing me, trying to get me to get these structures and shapes into my work. AND HERE IT IS.

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