Thursday, December 11, 2008

Penguin Cover

Hi Roland,
I was thinking last night, that with this Penguin cover, you need to return to the methods you used in the last two projects. You have some ideas that you want to convey; those of isolation, and elitism etc. You have also started to collect and generate elements that might be of use in the image (obviously you need more of these) But the one stage you have missed out is using/sourcing shapes and structures to hold or contain the elements. Start to look through your archive of these and look for new ones also or get into illustrator and create some shapes/compositional devices that might work. Also consider that you might need to include a more human element (hand, head, eye what ever) so that you image doesn't seem too inhuman or abstract.

Look at Alvin Lustig

Also another good blog is Grain Edit

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