Saturday, December 20, 2008

first rough of magazine cover

A friend of mine has just finished or is just finishing a masters in Creative Writing at Man Uni, taught by the illustrious Martin Amis. Ok fine.
She and a few other students are putting together a magazine, Bewilderbliss, to exhibit the writing of the students on the course and she asked me to do the cover.

Here is my mainest one:

I don't think I am breaking any big secrets or anything by posting this.

The idea is each issue will have a theme and the stories inside reflect said them. I was working with the same theme also.
Initially the theme was going to be chosen by Amis but he took goddamn forever and for about two weeks he was personally stopping me doing any work by not chosing it. Sort of cool that Martin Amis was a goddamn obstacle in my life but at the same time I AM COMING FOR YOU AMIS.

Ok, the theme was eventually chosen by M.J. Hyland, another tutor on the course, and the theme is The Guilty.

The idea here is guilt is a mental thing, something centered around your own values and sense of right and wrong.
So you've got that red streak uncomfortably wedged into a brain linking to these little broadhead prison uniform arrows. Guilt is something you do to yourself is what I mean here I guess.
The darker shapes are to hold the image together.

As for the title, the texture in the background - the top is a Manchester skyline from a photo I took. Not too clear, and unrecognisable as Manchester, but what the hell.
Plus the type is yet to find a rightful place on there. Maybe I'll even make it black.

From looking at the covers of the other magazines where this will be on sale I wanted something bold and structured to counter all the minimal hand drawn things on display. But I think this still might sink into the background.

Also I might change it completely because I am that kind of guy.

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