Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disney sex

spacer says:
my favourite image in disney ever
my "favourite" image in disney ever
is the ridiculous sex face that newly adult nala gives simba when she leans back in the grass. mindblowing that they went ahead with it and fucking wonderfully disgusting in its execution
i can actually imagine some animator adjusting himself as he draws the sexy lion

Roland says:
i can't remember it

spacer says:

Roland says:
one of my least favourite things about the world
is how many things there are that seemed designed to put you off sex forever
it's a fucking tightrope act

spacer says:
so true
maybe you've just never met a really sexy lion though

Roland says:
i just had a great idea
i'm going to draw
in paint
from memory
the image of nala getting sex ready

spacer says:

Roland says:
it's come out disappointingly accurate

spacer says:
love it
cant believe you were initially disappointed
its 'good' that you turned her into a penis

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